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This is my tenth entry in the list of my favourite top ten books. 
I love John Grisham, firstly because he writes the most amazing legal stories in a very simple and understandable format and secondly because I personally find him very good looking.
In my higher secondary school days, I would first check out his photograph on the last page of his every novel, before even reading the synopsis of the story.
The first book of his which I read was The Pelican Brief, when I was 16 years old, but at that time I did not understand the story at all and felt that it was written in some alien language. But in those days since all my cousins were reading John Grisham, in order to save my face, I continued reading his books. Slowly I got a hang of Grisham's style of writing and have become an ardent fan of his, since then.
Though I enjoyed reading all his books, my favourite is The Partner.
This is a story about a lawyer named Patrick Lanigan who masterminds his own death, steals $90 million from the law firm where he works, changes his name and goes off into hiding. The best part of the book is that even after getting caught, how he wiggles himself from the clutches of the law system to be a free man once again. The story has an interesting twist in the end but I cannot be a spoiler for all of you, who have not read the book.
What I love about this story, particularly, is the way  Patrick does all the meticulous planning, strategizing and how everything works out so smoothly in his favour in the end.
I found the story to be gripping, fast paced and clever.

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