Monday, 3 December 2018


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The idea behind this book is very interesting.  A DNA match to find your true life partner. 

Imagine, the horror of our average Indian parents - forget trying to match the astrological charts of the prospective brides and grooms to find a suitable match in one's own community... Your "apple of the eye" son, now has the ultimate freedom to marry whosoever the DNA chooses... female or male!!!!!
The irony is so amazing here.... previously parents would not let their children choose their life-partners and now here is a technology ( albeit fictitious) which surpasses all astrologers, numerologists, and even the parents when it comes to choosing a life-partner, who like the website claims is scientifically your ideal mate...the CHOSEN ONE!!!
However, as with all stories, this story too has a dark, murkier side, waiting for the reader to slowly pull away the carpet to rear it's ugly head out!!!!!
Can technology actually choose the right one for us??? 
Can we blindly follow science bypassing what our heart or instinct is screaming at us?
Or are we just getting carried away by our pheromones and a deep down desire of " being in love" under the guise of a DNA match???
This story is set in London, where there is a popular website running by the name of " MATCH YOUR DNA ". This site assures to find one's ideal mate in a span of 6 months by paying a nominal amount. So, we find a couple who in spite of being committed to each other, go for this test for a guarantee that they are "made for each other". On the other hand, there is someone who is desperate to have a baby and tries her luck on this site. Similarly, there is another character who in her search for the CHOSEN ONE goes all the way to another continent... we even have a female police officer looking for her ideal man on this site... and a highly successful businesswoman trying her luck too!!!!
What happens when the so-called DNA matches finally meet?????
Will it be all "roses and scented candles" moments or is it some horror waiting to uproot their lives completely......
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and tried analyzing myself whether I too would have gone for such a test, in spite of being happily married and two girls.
Probably yes, out of a morbid curiosity to always venture where I am asked not to go..:)
But that's me!!
I would recommend this book for a light read and you can buy one immediately by just clicking on this link:  and let your imagination run thinking of "what if I too get a chance to find out my true CHOSEN DNA match!!!!!!"