Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Prose vs Poetry
This is an argument, I am sure has been around since time immemorial.
I have always been inclined towards prose.... And always frowned upon poetry saying its not my cup of tea..
While growing up I was surrounded by cousins who were avid Ghazal listeners, who would spout poetry or rather I should say ghazals at the drop of a hat and were very familiar with the names of various Urdu poets... But me, I was miles away from all things poetry as  I never had the patience to understand the words or its depth...
Since the past year, Ketan has been trying to push me into ghazals...his logic being to try out everything under the sun and only then judge!! So after lots of deliberation and pestering and nagging and arguments, finally,  I ventured into the vast ocean of ghazals or perhaps the better term would be "sher-o-shayari"..... As usual I assumed it would be a piece of cake, so I started my lyrical journey with Ghalib... But I fell flat on my face for all my arrogance as Ghalib is not for first timers like me.....One needs a developed taste for reading poems by someone as great as him.
Ketan being Ketan, he refused to give up and for my next attempt gave me TARKASH by Jawed Akhtar. I enjoyed reading it and that gave me confidence to read more..And the site which helped me get addicted to the awesome world of poetry was "ekfankaar"...
Now I am familiar with many great poets who were way ahead of their time in terms of their writing, way of thinking and outlook...
I want to share some of my favourite shers here..
A few samples:

har ek baat pe kahate ho tum ki tuu kyaa hai
tumhiin kaho ke ye andaaz-e-guftaguu kyaa hai

ragon mein dauDate phirane ke ham nahiin qaayal
jab aankh hii se na Tapakaa to phir lahuu kyaa hai

jalaa hai jism jahaan dil bhii jal gayaa hogaa
kuredte ho jo ab raakh justajuu kyaa hai

kar rahaa thaa Gham-e-jahaan kaa hisaab
aaj tum yaad behisaab aaye

nahiin nigaah mein manzil to justajuu hii sahii
nahiin visaal mayassar to aarazuu hii sahii

Are you not moved by these priceless shers?? I had just one word when I read them... It was WOW!!!!! What made them all the more interesting to me was its simplicity... I mean a layman like me could understand them.. What more need be said about the greatness of these poets who could express such complex emotions in such simple words!!!
Poetry especially Urdu poetry makes you look at the world from a completely different perspective making you exclaim, " Oh yeah!! Why did I never think in this manner" or even " Yes, this is exactly what I think  but could never articulate!!!"
Having said all this I have to admit that I have not changed sides or have turned over my loyalties to poetry.
Poetry is my new craze and I am thoroughly enjoying this new addiction ..... Its like a new kick!!! But Prose has been and will always remain my true passion.
I have an idea which I would like to share with you all.... How about I write a weekly post on a couple of shers by a particular shayar with the meanings and what that sher meant to me.. Then you all can let me know of your connection with the Sher making it interactive...
What say???
 Shall we????