Monday, 28 April 2014

MY TOP TEN FAVOURITE BOOKS : Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon

We all have had some incidents in our lives which have made us, what we are today. Similarly, certain books that we read during our formative years leave a profound mark on us.
My childhood was spent in the magical company of Enid Blyton, early teenage years with P.G.Wodehouse and after this came the best growing up years, spending hours reading books by Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer, Danielle Steel, Eric Segal, John Grisham and many more.
It was Papa, himself a voracious reader at one time, who made me buy my first adult novel, Master of the Game by Sidney Sheldon, at the age of 16, after I had finished my 10th board exams.
The story centres around Jamie McGregor and his journey from being penniless to being the owner of diamond mines. The story then moves to the next McGregor generation, Kate, Jamie's daughter who pours her life into Kruger-Brent( her father's company) with passion, making it a global conglomerate. But this success comes with a very heavy price, as Kate by her shrewd manipulations tries to run her husband and later her children's lives, which alienates her from all her loved ones. The story ends on Kate's 90th birthday party where all her relatives are present and she still firmly believes that she acted in the best interest of all.
I am a Sheldon loyalist and I have read almost all his books, but this being my first Sidney, I like this story the best and is my top pick. Hence this book appears in my list of my favourite top 10 books.   


  1. I have read all his books too. My favorite is If Tomorrow Comes.. :)

  2. Sidney Sheldon caught my attention in High School when I had entered the phase of liking anything related to crime and mystery be it books or television shows. His books always ended me dreaming of myself in the similar position as his protagonist.
    His book that I can distinctly remember having given me the chills was "Tell me your Dreams" with the protagonist suffering from multiple personality disorder.

  3. hmm... i remember that book....very interetsing!!