Monday, 28 April 2014


 Enid Blyton needs no introduction. Her name is synonymous with story books for young children. We have all grown up devouring her books, be it the Famous Five series or The Secret Seven or Malory Towers.
 I am particularly a tad too much fond of one of her series, which is MALORY  TOWERS.
So I start my list with MALORY TOWERS.  It is one of my favourite childhood series. The world of an all girls hostel, fun-loving girls, snooty girls,midnight feasts,cat fights, lacrosse games, endless pranks and the mouth watering food - fascinated me so much, that I insisted my parents send me to a hostel. Just remembering the story has got a smile on my face now. 
 The series follows the heroine Darrell Rivers from her first year at Malory Towers to when she leaves. The other significant characters include Sally Hope (Darrell's level-headed best friend), Felicity Rivers (Darrell's younger sister), Gwendoline Mary Lacey (the spoilt and snotty girl, who has been instructed by her mother to comb her beautiful golden hair a hundred times very night before going to bed!!!), Alicia Johns (sharp tongued, competitive, class joker and intelligent and who is the mastermind behind every prank played in school), Mary-Lou (small and timid, but very kind hearted), Irene (scatterbrained music genius), Belinda (scatterbrained artistic genius), Jean (shrewd and straightforward) and Wilhelmina 'Bill' (completely horse-mad). 
My favourite character in this series besides Darrell was Alicia. How I wished to be as wirtty, as intellegent, as happy-go-lucky as her. And the character whom I loved to hate was Gwendoline Mary. 
I have read this series umpteen times and given a chance, I would even today read it. How I love Enid Blyton and her amazing world of books. 


  1. The Malory Tower Series is my most loved book from childhood too :)

  2. Hello... glad that you could relate to this post... thanks for reading

  3. This takes me to the time when we had separate periods in school for reading we called it the "library class". It started from just flipping over colorful Enid Blyton's Noddy to actually reading and writing a summary of all her books we read. It was quite a drill as a kid but slowly she did become a part of us.Can't even recall how many books we must have read and filled our copies with its summarizations.

  4. Oh My God!! Khushboo.. so true.... had completely forgotten about those libraray classes which we too had in our school... hahaha