Wednesday, 1 March 2017


This is my first book review after almost one year - my first proper good book after almost a year.. Now I am sure you must be wondering what the whole fuss about a "good book" is for!!!!!!!

In my simple terms a good book is one which is not a mushy romance story and most importantly, one which is not free on Kindle..:)

What attracted me to this book was this intriguing title.. GOOD ME BAD ME I feel that this phrase is a sum definition of all of us. We are a blend of good and bad. No one can claim to be perfect. It is not always about black or white.  It is the grey shade which holds the mystery and the answers too.

This book is a thriller written by first time author Ali Land. She has spent a decade  working as a Child and Adolescent Mental Nurse in the UK and Australia.

This story is about a mother daughter duo. The daughter is the only witness to her mother's gruesome crimes and she takes a life altering decision by going to the authorities against her mother.
Now the real story begins...Is it all as simple as it seems? Is the girl really a victim of her own mother 's crimes or is she an accomplice who was an equal partner in all the wrongdoings or worse still, is she a gifted student who has learnt it all from her teacher/ mother and is now ready to fly on her own leaving her roots behind!!!!

There is a line in the synopsis of the book which holds the key to the whole story
It goes like this :
                                "But her mother is a serial killer.
                                  And blood is thicker than water......."

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and finished it in flat 2 days...although this is nothing special as I do this with all my books....hahaha!

On an honest note, what hit me most was how the story ended. I literally had goosebumps !!!!
I would strongly recommend this book- not for its language or the depth of the story but for its pace and characterization and of course for its end!!

Happy reading till the next time!!


  1. Thanx Payal for a review after so long ..... I always look out for ur book reviews as they r honest ones and as good as it is ...... Reddit the review the book actually seems to be good and let's see if time permits I will read this book and even suggest other readers

  2. Hi Payal! It was infact a good review as I am inclined to it. As not a book lover I always hold myself back in selecting a book to read. But after reading your review I do want to read this book. Thanks for sowing the seeds in me.

    1. Thank you Madhurima..enjoy reading:)

  3. Nice review payal! Will wait for you book then...:)

  4. glad, you didn't write much to spill the beans on this thriller piece...may give this a shot