Tuesday, 14 October 2014


A New York girl, Amy meets a Missouri boy, Nick-both writers( one compiles quizzes in women's magazine and the other is a journalist) -they fall in love- get married- recession hits and they both loose their jobs- they decide and return to Missouri- marriage takes a bad turn- fights and tantrums and blame games and silent treatment- fifth anniversary day- wife disappears under mysterious circumstances- husband looks pretty indifferent, relaxed and calm for someone whose wife is missing- obviously, fingers point in his direction with evidences being found out proving him to be the prime suspect- Nick, as expected denies all charges-says he is being framed.
But the big question is whether this is the true and full story...
We all know that just like every coin has two sides, so does a story, even if it is what the crime shows call an "open and shut"case.
Is Amy really missing or is she hiding somewhere or has she's been kidnapped,??
Or is there something much more sinister?? Is there someone trying to frame Nick in his wife's disappearance??
This is the plot of the latest thriller by Gillian Flynn.
I started the book with an inherent skeptism of one, who has read many many books, thinking that I will be able to nail the story within 100pages and yes, I even assumed to have unearthed the real story by the time I hit the 49th page. But as I reached the 100th page I realised I was very very wrong and that I could never become a good sleuth aka Sherlock Homes or closer home, a Byomkesh Bakshi or a Karamchand:-):-):-)
This thriller is addictive and makes you want to finish the story fast so you can find the ultimate end( though not an easy task as its a 400+ pages book with a small font). But it is never boring or dull. Flynn has made it interesting with lots of monologues, dialogues, witty one-liners, lots of twists and turns, lots of interesting anecdotes and detailed character analysis.
There are all the characters, typical in a thriller, present here too :
A missing sweet wife, a husband who is a prime suspect, a very suportive sister Go, supportive but slightly wary in-laws, neighbours who do not trust Nick at all, cops who play the good cop/bad cop, media people trying to mileage the maximum TRP out of it, a couple of ex's and the omnipresent social media!!
At times I felt that Flynn was dragging the story and could have made it more crisp with a few more edits but the the last 50-60 odd pages makes it all up and I was left with just one expression, "Neat!! "
A good thriller which makes for an interesting read and atleast to me, was unputdownable. So I finished it really fast ignoring my precious sleep and my favourite Pakistani dramas!!