Monday, 14 July 2014


Hello everyone, I have been bitten by a bug - the SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS bug. So I thought of using this platform to air my views on topics which are bothering me.
People, do not get confused with the title of the post. I am not asking you a question, it's just that this uniform thing has been going on in my mind since the last 10days and today I finally decided to share with you my anti-uniform thoughts.
In simple terms, wearing uniforms leads to uniformity, creates a feeling of belonging and oneness, especially among the students of a particular school. But frankly I think it is a sham and nothing more than that. The degree of discrimination found in today's schools is phenomenal. The reasons behind this strong observation are : 
  1. Discrimination starts at the very entrance of the school where we can see children getting out of cars to enter the school premises. One can find a plethora of cars, ranging from the Maruti to Nano to a Mercedes or a BMW, all engaged in a nameless competition. If nothing else,the young children learn the difference between a long car and a small car,and sometimes even insisting on a car similar to their friend's. I have first hand experience in this. Vamika was around five when she insisted on going to school in a long silver car just like the one her best friend's father had. We had a tough time making her understand her first lesson on money based discrimination. 
  2. Now if this is not enough, there is a major traffic problem as a result of these extra cars on the road every morning and afternoon. I pity the traffic police who have to face this on a daily basis. Not only do these cars create a catastrophic traffic situation every day, they also add to the parking woes in the areas sorrounding the school. 
  3. Corruption is an unwanted yet a "very much prevelant" outcome of traffic and parking problems created by these extra cars on the road. Trust the majority of the  car drivers to pay extra to the parking attendants to allow double parking, who in turn pay the traffic police who turn a blind eye to the ongoing rampant mockery of the law. This is like a vicious circle which just does not seem to have a loophole.
  4. A very common sight outside the schools in our city is students holding placards and shouting "NO HORN" every morning, a part of the Noise Pollution awareness drive done by schools in order to sanitise the students as well as the parents about the alarming noise pollution. But frankly speaking this is completely futile. The reason being simple: too many cars lead to traffic jams which in turn leads to traffic police stopping the cars for prolonged period at the various junctions near the school leading to delay in reaching the school on time which leads to the drivers honking consistently in trying to make way leading to utter and hopeless chaos every single school day.
  5. Then again we have the PTM or the parent teacher meet where the so called famous parents are gushed and fussed over and profusely thanked by the teachers and the administration staff for taking out time to visit the school. As if , the parents of other students are sitting idle at home and are not worth the gratitude and respect of the school authorities.
  6. Now comes the turn of birthdays. Inspite of the school clearly stating that only chcolates are to be distributed in the class and that too not worth more than ₹10, there are children distributing chocolates worth upto almost ₹20 and then there are even instances, where gifts worth ₹100-₹150 are distributed in the class.
  7. Another point that comes to my mind while discussing this topic is the amazing range of stationery, accessories and other paraphellia which students these days carry to school. The watches, the pencil boxes, tiffins, water-bottles and school bags are all so divinely attractive that even I, at times get tempted and carried away. So how can I blame the children ,if on seeing their peers bringing such awesome stuff insist their parents on buying them similar stuff irrespective of whether they can afford it or not. In relation to this point I would say kuddos to those school authorities who have introduced the rule under which all students have to buy all their stationery and accessories from the school itself.
  8. The last point that I think is worth mentioning here is that when we have children getting out of long cars or distributing expensive gifts on birthdays or whose parents are the so-called famous people of the city, this by itself prompts the teaching and the administrative staff of that particular school to treat them slightly different from the other regular students.
Now my question is whether this is just me going paranoid or feeling insecure about something very trivial or am I right in my concern about a matter which is clearly going out of our hands??? This is something which I am sure, all of us have been through, either directly or indirectly.
It would be all the more interesting if you all could write about your experiences or views on this topic and I would really love to be proven wrong. And if nothing else please share this page on facebook, your whatsapp group or even tweet it... thanks!!!

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