Thursday, 12 June 2014

Three Most Scandalous Books read by Me

This is a very interesting topic and I have been thinking of writing on this for quite sometime. Infact this idea popped in my mind while putting together the top ten favourite books list. I even discussed it with Sri ( my partner in all crazy things- be it reading trash or watching Pakistani serials on YouTube) and Sri being Sri loved the idea and gave me the go-ahead. So here I am with my latest list of the three most scandalous books I have read, till date.
I was a very boring, obedient and a  completely non adventurous child who enjoyed being in everyone's good books,  to the extent that I was probably the only girl in my batch who had not read a single mills and boon by the time I reached class 10, and only because I was very scared of my mom and did not want to be scolded by her. But having said that I would like to add here that though I had not read any trash till then but my curiosity for reading it was very high and this lead to my first brush with a dirty book.
I have read these three books at different junctures of my life and each has been quite an experience.
I am going to post one book each for the next three days and would really enjoy reading your comments on it.

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